Vintage Computers.. (40 photos)



TRS-80 Tandy 2000 Computer (1983).


Kyle Owen had not just one but TWO PDP-8′s on display!
His PDP-8/E was hooked into a Teleray terminal, and a very powerfully fast paper tape reader. Sadly, I don’t remember what it was that he was running on here. But I do know that he had a small transistor radio that he was attempting to play tunes on via some hacking on the PDP-8/E.
His PDP-8/M was hooked into an oscilloscope and a pair of controllers so that he could demonstrate Spacewar! but when I stopped by it was showing off some pretty graphics. I believe that this machine was to be booted off of a Raspberry Pi standing in for a proper hard drive or paper tape source.

Barreto MicroMaster – 1982