Northern Ireland in 1970s-1980s (50+ photos)



August 27th 1979: Lord Mountbatten killed
On this day in 1979, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Louis Mountbatten, was killed by the IRA, aged seventy-nine. The bomb blast on Mountbatten’s boat, sailing near the border of Northern Ireland, also killed one of his grandsons and two others.

March 30th 1979: Airey Neave killed
On this day in 1979, the Shadow Secretary for Northern Ireland Airey Neave was assassinated by a car bomb aged 63. Neave had served during World War Two, where he earned distinction for escaping from a German prisoner of war camp.

British troops patrol the Bogside, a predominantly Catholic neighbourhood in Derry, 1971, (Source)

IRA men on patrol in West Belfast, 1987