Northern Ireland in 1970s-1980s (50+ photos)



“The dole destroys the soul” Irish Republican poster from the Northern Ireland civil rights movement, 1970

Funeral of Bobby Sands, over 100,000 people lined the route of Sands’s funeral.

Joe McCann, Official IRA, under the Starry Plough flag during a fire fight with the British Army in the Lower Falls, during the anti-internment riots. A barricade burns in the background, 9th August 1971

January 30th 1972: Bloody Sunday
On this day in 1972, British troops fired on Irish protestors in an event which has become known as ‘Bloody Sunday’. The day began as a protest march in Londonderry, attended by around 10,000 people calling for Irish civil rights. The protestors, members of Derry’s predominantly Catholic nationalist community, rejected the rule of the mostly Protestant unionist Northern Irish assembly.