15 Most Shocking Assassination Plots Ever Attempted




Jorg Jenatsch was a Swiss politician who grew to prominence during the Thirty Years’ War. He gained notoriety after taking part in a series of murders, including the brutal killing of Pompeius von Planta in 1621, and became a divisive figure amongst the population for his actions. Despite this, Jorg continued to remain in public life, even when threats to his life were made.

He was killed as a result of an outlandish assassination plot that saw a group of killers dress up in costumes and infiltrate a carnival that the controversial figure was celebrating at. Their leader was completely covered and carried a large axe with him but was able to join in with the celebration simply by asking Jorg. Once he got in close proximity to the politician, he was shot with a pistol while the rest of the gang attacked him with their weapons.

The costumes not only allowed the men to travel through the carnival without attracting any attention, as everyone else was also dressed for the festivities, but also meant that they could effectively hide their identities. The bizarre plan worked as the killers were never captured.