15 Most Shocking Assassination Plots Ever Attempted




It isn’t actually the plot to assassinate Ronald Reagan that is crazy but rather the motivation for the president’s attacker, John Hinkley Jr. He had nothing against the statesman and only wanted to kill the politician in order to get the attention of actress Jodie Foster.

Hinkley became obsessed with Foster after watching Taxi Driver. He moved to New Haven to get closer to her and even enrolled in writing classes at Yale University so that he could leave messages for the actress at the place she was studying. When she failed to show him any interest, he resolved to take inspiration from the movie and kill a president.

His initial plan to assassinate President Jimmy Carter failed when he was arrested for possessing an illegal firearm. This prompted him to wait until 1981 when he shot at Reagan and hit him with shrapnel in the chest. Fortunately, the attack was not fatal and Hinkley was arrested and held at a mental institution indefinitely.