15 Most Shocking Assassination Plots Ever Attempted




Grigoris Lambrakis was a left-wing politician who posed a major problem for the far right Greek government during the 1960s. Deciding that he was having too much of an influence on the population, to such an extent that he posed a threat of revolution, they came up with a plan to kill him using a pair of extremists.

The plan that these two men came up with was not only inexplicably stupid but also ensured that they would almost certainly be captured. This was because the method of assassination they chose was to simply drive up to Lambrakis during a rally and hit him over the head with a club. Being such a popular speaker, a huge crowd had gathered to hear the left-wing leader speak, meaning that there was plenty of witnesses to the assassination. The crowd confronted the extremists after they had killed Lambrakis, dragged them out of their vehicle, and ensured they were arrested.