15 Most Shocking Assassination Plots Ever Attempted




Khaled Meshal was the target of a 1997 assassination attempt by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad for his role in the group Hamas. The plot was carried out under the orders of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though, it did not go as planned.

A number of Israel agents entered Jordan on September 25, 1997, disguised as Canadian tourists with fake passports. They ambushed Meshal at the entrance to his offices in Amman and injected him with a fast-acting poison in his ear. Although they immediately fled, Jordanian police were able to capture and detain the pair of attackers.

The poison failed to kill Meshal instantly, instead, putting him in a coma. This gave Jordan’s King Hussein, time to intervene, demanding that Israel hand over the antidote. The severe political consequences of refusing such a demand eventually led to Netanyahu relenting and ordering the chief of Mossad to fly to Jordan with the antidote, saving Meshal’s life.