15 Most Shocking Assassination Plots Ever Attempted




Throughout the Cold War, Fidel Castro became a huge target for not just the USA, but also Cuban exiles and other opposition forces. This led to more than 600 plots and attempts to end his life being devised over the course of several decades. Chief among those plotting to kill the Cuban leader was the CIA, who came up with hundreds of outlandish ideas.

Some of those assassination plans included disguising explosives as brightly colored mollusk shells to attract Castro when he was scuba diving, lining his diving suit with a lethal fungus, and exploding cigars. The American organization even attempted to poison him with chocolate or a handkerchief that had been infected with a deadly bacteria. None of them came to fruition, but one involving a pill that would poison a milkshake did almost come off – until the pill split in half when it was retrieved by the agent.