15 Most Shocking Assassination Plots Ever Attempted




Most people remember the assassination of Abraham Lincoln because of the fact that it was successful and killed one of the greatest presidents in American history. The truth is that the plan was not just crazy but also a miserable failure when taken as a whole.

Firstly, the plot actually called for three people to be killed that night, rather than just Lincoln. Unfortunately for the attackers, Secretary of State William Seward was too well protected and the Vice President Andre Johnson escaped when his assassin got too drunk to carry out his plan.

Even though John Wilkes Booth succeeded, he also made a number of baffling mistakes. He only used a single fire gun for the killing, meaning that he had to engage in hand to hand combat to flee the theater. He then jumped from the balcony, breaking his leg, and got lost several times during his escape. This meant he was captured just 12 days later.