15 Completely Wacky Crimes That Still Aren’t Solved Today




In April 1943, four young boys looking for birds’ nests in some woods near Birmingham, England discovered a human skull shoved into the hollow trunk of an elm tree. It led to a police search that would uncover almost a complete skeleton and some fragments of clothing.

It was later determined that the remains belonged to a woman, but her identity was a complete mystery; was she a prostitute or the victim of a silly prank? To hinder things further, in the middle of WW2 so many people were going missing it was virtually impossible to find a lead on the case. Naturally, the case went cold pretty quickly but six months later some strange graffiti started to appear across the area; one piece in particular on a nearby obelisk:

“Who put Bella in the wych elm?”

To this date no leads are forthcoming and only speculation keeps the mystery alive. Some say “Bella” was a German spy who according to interrogation reports by MI5 was to be dropped into the area in 1941 on a secret mission. She failed to make radio contact with her case officer which suggests she met an untimely end, possibly at the hands of an unknown killer.