15 Completely Wacky Crimes That Still Aren’t Solved Today




In February 217, a rare Humboldt’s penguin disappeared from Luisenpark zoo, Mannheim, Germany. Who took it, no one knew and the bird was only discovered missing after a head count. Apparently, whoever had snatched it was able to do so in broad daylight by entering the enclosure and no one had batted an eyelid.

Zoo officials were distraught at the theft and concerns for the animal’s safety grew since a captive bird like the Humboldt’s requires just the right kind of food and temperature. Many of those involved in the search suspected the bird was going to be sold on the black market but it soon became clear that even if a sale had been the intention of the thieves, the black market for Humboldt’s was a little slack; two days later it was found tied to a nearby car park railing and very much deceased. The case remains open.