15 Completely Wacky Crimes That Still Aren’t Solved Today




William Cantelo was a 19th-century British inventor and credited with the invention of the early machine gun. Over the course of ten years he had perfected his killing machine along with his sons in a secret tunnel underneath Arundel Tower in Southampton, UK. Soon after announcing its conception, Cantelo mysteriously disappeared.

The oddest part of the story centres on his sons’ efforts to locate him. They discovered, in the States, that an almost exact copy of the machine gun had been devised by someone called Hiram Maxim. Later called the Maxim gun, Maxim sold his work to the British government for a pretty pound.

The boys searched high and low for their father, and even confronted Maxim, whom they were convinced was their father (he even looked the same); alas to no avail, their father’s disappearance remained a mystery and he was never found. Nor was his machine gun.