15 Completely Wacky Crimes That Still Aren’t Solved Today




Crime doesn’t get much easier than this. In late summer 2010, two men walked into the Belfort museum in the centre of Bruges, Belgium and headed for the permanent Salvador Dali exhibition then hosted by InterArt. Here were paintings, watercolours, drawings and objects by the prominent Spanish surrealist but our men knew what they had come for. For a moment or two they stood in front of Dali’s 1964 bronze statue Woman with Drawers and while one of the thieves stood between the guard and the statue, the other simply lifted it up and stuffed it into a holdall.

At 20 inches tall and 22 pounds in weight it has to rank as one of the easiest heists in history and despite surveillance camera footage, the duo and the statue (said to be worth $150,000) have never been found.